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Our Holistic Coaching Academy Courses enable you to study with world-class educators who are at the forefront of the health and wellness movement… empowering you to transform your health and wellness and the lives of those around you.

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You can attend optional workshops or support webinars from many of the worlds’ top experts in holistic and wellness studies
PLUS!... have no limits to where this can lead whether you are just starting out in holistic health and wellness or are an experienced professional!

Are you ready to become a better version of you and make a profound difference in the world?



Foundations of Nutrition

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Foundation Courses

Foundations of Wellness

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Foundations of Nutrition

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Foundations of Coaching

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Advanced Courses

Advanced Wellness

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Advanced Nutrition

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Advanced Coaching

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Business Acceleration Program

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9 Reasons to Choose HCA


We are on the cutting edge of the expanding health, life coaching and counselling movement.
Our holistic approach combines awareness of body, mind, soul and spirit together with solid coaching and practical tools, skills and results. The Holistic Coaching Academy prides itself on its independence and not being aligned with institutions that are not creative, expansive and purposeful in the area of life coaching and counselling. We intersect with mainstream, but are not governed by it.


The Academy aims to provide quality and depth, both in content and delivery. We intend to be on the edge of the paradigm shift that is occurring in health, healing, coaching and counselling Our unique courses intersect with yet build on the shoulders of WESTERN MEDICINE COMBINED WITH human & PERSONAL development, psychological thought, as well as soul work from indigenous cultures, EASTERN & WESTERN philosophies… so enabling you to awaken your gifts, and sharpen your tools for both individual and global transformation.
Our Courses are structured for continuous learning – Our complete learning system enables you to move from basics through to the advanced level, at your own pace. We are seriously committed to lifelong learning and look forward to many years of engagement and interaction with out student body.


With tens of thousands of hours of coaching and counselling experience, our coaches, tutors and trainers live and breathe what they teach and are known for going above and beyond for their students to help them build a successful career. Our coaching is not a simple rehashing of mental approaches from the last century applied to coaching and business, but builds on a powerful foundation of health and healing, that is fundamental to successful coaching and counselling.


When you join the Holistic Coaching Academy as a student you will have access to your own personal support team including: lecturers, tutors and supporting buddy system partners to support your learning and development and work alongside you every step of the way. You’ll experience the fellowship of group learning sessions and the depth of one-on-one mentoring. Your mentors use an appreciative approach to feedback, identifying your strengths & building on those. But the learning doesn’t stop there. You’ll create relationships and connections that continue to support you long after you’ve graduated. By being part of our community you’ll experience fantastic, lifelong results through your connection with like-minded people.


Most programs focus on developing skills, but what good is it if you and your practice are the best kept secrets on the planet? At Holistic Coaching Academy, we offer a strong business development programthat helps you get clients immediately. You’ll gain confidence through peer coaching, and move on to coaching paying clients. That’s right, you start coaching right away and by the time you graduate, we expect you to be well on your way to filling your practice. You’ll learn how to do niche marketing in your specialty area, taking advantage of on-line business templates to get your practice up and running quickly. Work on your brand, hone your message, and drop your logo into the templates, and you’re ready to go. You’ll also learn how to develop your blog and get traffic that you can turn into clients. When you graduate, you can join our Coaches Directory, where you can customize your free profile and pick up clients from people browsing our website daily.


The Holistic Coaching Academy attracts enthusiastic people from many backgrounds, experience and skillsets, we realize the diversity amongst our students, some who just want to learn how to make a difference and who are committed to discovering how to be their own personal best, others who are seeking a career change or developing a new business. We accept students who want to learn how to succeed, and understand the diverse learning modalities required to cater for individual needs Our success formula centers around our flexible and student-focused learning environment.


At the Holistic Coaching Academy , we take a stand for deep, transformative holistic coaching. As well as recognizing that successful life coaching builds on health generally, and holistic health specifically, we recognize that it extends to other modalities. This is why our Life Coaching is conceived as naturally extending to Life Coaching and beyond.
The Academy provides this “beyondness” with its ongoing membership and community. Here is the opportunity to explore further soul work and spiritual dimensions to health and personal development.


If you’re in a mediocre relationship, barely making ends meet, in a dull job, and you want it to stay that way, then don’t join the Coaching for Transformation program.
Your life will change and there’s no going back to an ordinary life. If you’re ready to create a life you love, join us!


As part of the Holistic Coaching Academy you will have access to interviews, training and insider advice from hand-picked industry and world leaders, coaches, trainers and experts. If you knew what these experts knew imagine how your knowledge would expand... how your confidence would grow... and how you could position yourself to take full advantage of the newest trends and opportunities AS THEY EMERGE... not when everyone else hears about them!


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