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Launch Your Exciting New Career in Holistic Life Coaching

The Business Accelerator Program will give you tools that will put you on the fast track to a successful and rewarding career as a Holistic Life Coach.

Our Premium Business Accelerator Program provides you with all the tools, strategies, help and support you need to assist you to build your holistic life coaching career.  We teach you everything from how to get a client to how to work with them plus the secrets to creating amazing income as a consultant that you won’t learn anywhere else. We offer so much support in getting your business up and running.

Our intensive life coaching career course is a unique program that makes learning easier, less stressful…and FUN.  Using our fully integrated approach we will teach you how to position yourself as a confident and trusted resource in the field of holistic life management either as a coach, consultant or mentor(and get paid handsomely even if you’re a complete beginner) And will lead you into becoming much more prosperous and profitable.

So whether you want to work from your home office or build a full time professional business, including, day spa, personal trainer, aroma therapist, naturopath, holistic doctor, reflexologist, holistic Health Advisor Herbal Education, Corporate Wellness, Relaxation Massage Energetic Systems Integration and more, this course will provide you with the strong foundations for success.  Many of our students build their new career whilst still working in their current job.  They often start their business of part time, in the evenings and on the weekends.  So you can gradually grow your business to a full time career income.

The course material will give you the essential foundations in the principles of holistic health and life coaching, which we consolidate in the Certificate of Holistic Life Coaching. We cover a lot of ground in this Certificate Course, as can be seen in the outline.

By the end of the course you will have a sound understanding of the principles of holism and holistic health, as applied to both body and mind. We do this by covering these fundamental principles in our dealings with modern western medicine, as well as the various complementary and alternative approaches.

Specific attention is paid to nutritional and environmental health from a holistic perspective, and mental health is present in all modules and increasingly extended upon throughout the latter part of the course.

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We know that starting a successful business can be a challenge and we guide you every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need to create a fulfilling and prosperous career in holistic life coaching.

our <insert sbp name of modules> program will help you establish strong foundations for your business whether you are just starting out or want to fast track your current results.   With the best tools and training nothing can hold you back


Modules 1 – 8 Overview


# 1 Your Personal Performance Advantage to understanding the ‘Customer Focused Marketing Model’


How To Find Your ‘Perfect Fit’ Community

Where To Find Your ‘Perfect Fit’ Community and Your Ideal Client

How To Target Your Perfect Customer With Laser Like Precision

The Three Most Important Questions You Need To Answer About Your Target Customer


 # 2 Leadership – Management – Productivity : Developing the Skills to Grow a Profitable and Sustainable Performance Based Business


First is LEADERSHIP:  What do I/we want to accomplish?

Second is MANAGEMENT – How can I best accomplish it?

Third is PRODUCTIVITY – Doing it.

Find Your Business Motivator

Leadership – What Do I Want To Accomplish?

Management – How Can I Best Accomplish It?

Productivity – Doing It.

Leadership – Your Set Point

Management – Developing a Plan To Achieve Your Goals

Your Strategic Planner

Productivity –  Project Management

Project Management Tools

#3 How to Create Alignment With Your ‘Perfect Fit’ Community and  Build Your Customer Focused Marketing Blueprint


How To Find Your ‘Perfect Fit’ Community

Where To Find Your ‘Perfect Fit’ Community and Your Ideal Client

How To Target Your Perfect Customer With Laser Like Precision

The Three Most Important Questions You Need To Answer About Your Target Customer

How To Write Your  ‘Perfect Fit’ Client Avatar


#4 Develop Your Clear Concise, Down To Earth Message That Truly Reflects Who You Are And The Benefits You Provide To Your Clients


How to have an impact on your potential clients

Create a powerful stand out message

Case Studies and Examples

  • Nescafe
  • Dominos
  • Avis
  • Nordstrom
  • Paddi Lund
  • Apple
  • Federal Express
  • What are you known for

Developing Your U.S.P

5 Things Your Unique Selling Positions should have

Simple USP’s Scripts

Your Checklist of USP Stand Out Types/Advantage Categories


#5 Creating A System That Enables Your ‘Perfect Fit Customers To Find You And Stay With You For Life.


Exploration Exercise: How do you currently get your leads

The 5 key elements of a ‘great lead generation system

The criteria for developing your lead generation system

The 3 Simple way to grow your business:

  • How to increase the number of new prospects entering your marketing funne
  • Creating a community of loyal followers who will buy from you again and again
  • Developing your business service so that clients become lifelong customers

How to implement a lead generation capture system into your business

Examples of great ‘opt-in’ lead generation forms

Using video to increase your customer conversion rate

Your lead generation exploration exercise

Your weekly action plan


# 6 How To Build Trust, Credibility and Loyalty with Your Community


Social Proof

Social Proof and Testimonial Rules

Build Trust and Confidence using Guarantees

Building Your Own Extraordinary Guarantees

Why Offer an Extraordinary Guarantee?

Some Extraordinary Guarantees

“You must provide a guarantee for every FEAR or obstacle to the sale”?

Types of Guarantees Checklist:

– First Impressions

– Long Term Connections

What’s in it for them?

So why should they listen to you?

What will you do with their email address?

Personal Experiences and Stories

Emotionally Engage Your Prospect

How to use case studies and statistics to increase your credibility and more build trust.

Common mistakes business owners make that reduce Credibility and Destroy Trust!

Keeping Promises

Handle Problems, Complaints and Objections Quickly

Admit and Correct Mistakes Immediately

Don’t Make Claims Without Proof

Always Provide Quality

Never Take Advantage of or Betray Them


# 7 Building your High Efficiency Lead Generation System


Use of free reports

Customer Fact Finder

How to write your free report – or advertorial

What free reports do

Mandatory Items in ALL Marketing Copy or Content

Ascending your client through the sales and marketing process

the difference between their Front End and Back End businesses.

Your Marketing Funnel

Your simple sales funnel example plan

Develop more products, programs and other sources of income

Some examples of value-adding

Action Taker: Planning Your Business Funnel


#8 Become a Traffic Magnet to Build your Business Funnel and Community


Basics of Lead Generation

Pick a Few Methods

Use of Social Media to Make an Impression

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Reusing Content to Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Your Base Content

Using Advertising to Build your Business Community

Placing Ads

Advertorial Copy


Newsletters and E-Zines

Articles and E-zines

Writing Articles as an Affordable Internet Marketing Method

Increased   Traffic With E-zines

Place Solo Ads In  E-Zines

Working With Others in Joint Venture Partnerships to Explode Your Community


What Your Program Includes:

Detailed comprehensive university level tuition utilizing wide range of philosophies from world class tutors, and educators.  Together with the highest caliber speakers, teachers and community members.

We have developed a highly interactive program that is a mixture of self-paced learning with person-to-person training thus enabling you to interact with us throughout your course

both individually and in group sessions.   Included throughout are Question and Answer sessions, mentoring sessions and study groups that enable you to get the most from your training and learning style.


You will receive access to our online education forum – your inner circle coaching forum and Facebook group where you can join the HCA online closed door community, where you can spark discussion, get support around health concerns, working with clients and share business strategies.

On completion of your studies you will receive –

Holistic Coaching Academy Certificate 1 in Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Coaching Academy Certificate 1 in Business Mastery

Membership to The Holistic Coaching Academy

You will also qualify to become a Member of The International Institute For Complementary Therapists

Now is the time to take action towards achieving you dreams and a new and exciting opportunity for you.


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